Terms and Conditions

Proangels Ltd is a fully MLC 2006 compliant agency in regard to the Article 1.4 of MLC with respect to its recruitment services and placement of crew for the purpose to ensure that seafarers have access to an efficient and well-regulated seafarer recruitment and placement system. Proangels Ltd confirms that the yacht crew members placed by Proangels Ltd are qualified and certified; Proangels Ltd is not charging crew for representing them or assisting them in securing employment; Proangels Ltd is not blacklisting and is operated in an orderly fashion.

By sending your details to proangels@outlook.com or bellasmirnova@hotmail.de you agree that your CV and other documents will be submitted to potential employers for their perusal.


By contacting Proangels Ltd and placing an order with us, by providing basic job description(s) of the position(s) to be filled, it is understood that the Client:

a) engages Proangels Ltd to provide resumes of Candidates to be considered for employment,
b) accepts all terms on this contract and
c) has authority to enter into such agreement on behalf of the vessel owner.


It is the Client’s responsibility to advise Proangels Ltd of Duplicate Resumes received by alternate sources, as well as names of Candidates already in correspondence with regarding the position, within 48 hours of receipt from Proangels Ltd. Further, documentation proving prior communication with Candidate(s) in question will be required for continued service from Proangels Ltd. This applies to all Candidates submitted by Proangels Ltd, for any position on board. Should these terms not have been met the Client is responsible for placement fees due for the term of employment.



The basic job description will be posted on our website and on recruitment platforms, where potential candidates can view the job description, and show interest in being submitted. Our Placement Coordinators will then conduct a search, review the portfolios of the interested Candidates, and submit only those that seem to match your parameters.

3.1 Fees Policy – Fees payable to Proangels Ltd by the Client are as follow unless otherwise agreed:

PERMANENT/SEASONAL PLACEMENT (more than three months) – 65% of one month’s salary

SHORT TERM PLACEMENT (less than three months) – 45% of one month’s salary.


Proangels Ltd will replace any permanent crew member hired at no additional fee within (ninety) 90 days from the date employment commences, should the crew member voluntarily leave the owner’s employ, or be discharged for cause provided:

(a) Proangels Ltd are notified in writing within five (5) working days of the crew member’s separation from the Client.

(b) the Client has met all the terms of this agreement and payment has been made within ten working days of crew members start date.

Should the terms of this agreement not have been met upon the crew member’s separation from the Client, the Client is responsible for placement fees due for the term of employment that the crew member was employed.

(c) Warranty is limited to three replacements.


Notification of Employment – Because Proangels Ltd does not employ the Candidates directly, when an offer of employment has been rendered and accepted, it is the Client’s responsibility to inform Proangels Ltd of the terms of employment such as Candidate name, start date, position and salary within 3 working days of hiring.

Notification of Termination – Should a Candidate’s employment be terminated for just cause and not for lack of work, it is the Client’s responsibility to inform Proangels Ltd of the date, total wages paid, and cause for termination within one week of separation from the employer to be eligible for a Replacement Candidate. Further, at the end of any temporary employment, it is the Client’s responsibility to inform Proangels Ltd of finish date and total wages paid.


Past performance is a good indicator of future performance.  And while Proangels Ltd cannot guarantee the future performance of any candidate, we can guarantee that we have done our own due-diligence to assure that we are not promoting the career of a known ‘Bad Apple.’  But, if a ‘Bad Apple’ should happen to slip through the cracks and be submitted to a client where the candidate is subsequently employed and then fired for just cause, we will replace the candidate as per paragraph 3.2


Candidates hired are hired at-will as employees of the Client, and Proangels Ltd cannot be held responsible for the actions of the Candidate in any circumstance. Further, the Candidates are under no employment contract with Proangels Ltd, and all taxes and employment eligibility requirements are the responsibility of the Client, as are criminal background checks and reference verifications. Proangels Ltd reserves the right to alter, change, add, amend, delete or replace these terms, services, work and prices without prior notice at any time.


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